There are so many different ways you can help at Shiloh Bible Camp. Listed below are a few ways that you can get involved.


This is the most import and valuable thing you can do for camp. Separate from God we are nothing but through Him we can accomplish much!

Girls at shiloh bible summer camp

Pray for... 
Shiloh Bible Camp- to proclaim and glorify the name of Jesus.
The Board- That they would make wise decisions and lead with Christ-like, humble hearts.
Full-time Staff- God's provision, energy, wisdom, and servant's hearts.
Weekly Directors- Inspiration, enthusiasm, wisdom, and time to prepare.
Cabin Leaders- Open hearts, energy, and closeness to Christ.
 Interns- Endurance, willing attitudes, and comradery.
Campers- Ready hearts and that they will see Jesus in others at camp.
Donors- Eagerness to follow God's calling and that more would step forward.
Facilities- That the buildings will continue to operate and that the necessary repairs can and will be made.



Shiloh cannot function without individuals who are dedicated to faithfully striving after Christ and are willing to get their hands dirty!
    A few needed positions are:
       Cooks- We need people who can help in the kitchen by following a recipe. Serving in the kitchen is exhausting but it is a vital part of camp. Campers must eat!
       Cabin Leaders- Faithful Christians who are willing to talk to campers about Christ and just play/hangout with them for a week.
       Maintenance Help- Shiloh is constantly in need of repairs and updates. If you have the required skill and can donate time to work on a project, please call us!


Tell others! 

Our best advertisement is word of mouth.
            -Tell people you know about how greatly Shiloh has impacted your life. 
            -Contact your church leadership and set up a time for a Shiloh Representative to talk to your church/youth group/Sunday school!
            -Social Media is another great way. Like our facebook page and share our posts!



Shiloh is a non-profit organization. None of the staff or volunteers are paid and camper fees only cover the cost to host that camper. In order to remain in operation, we need donations from people who have a calling to serve by giving. If that is you, you can click the button!