Family Pass

Shiloh offers a Family Pass which starts the day you purchase it and lasts the duration of a year.

If you purchase it on January 29, 2019 it will last until January 29, 2020.

It covers the cost of all camps and retreats your family would like to participate in for that year!

It is only $850 for the entire year!

Let’s say you have a family of 5 people total, and your kids all want to go to Movie Makers and two of your kids want to go to Youth Summit. That’s only a total of $305 BUT your kids also want to do High School Camp, Jr High Camp and are thinking about Jr High Boys Outdoor Camp, Girls Venture AND your family would like to go to the Labor Day Retreat. That’s another $1,325.

So in the end, you end up paying $1,630 for camp that year. That’s not a bad price BUT you could purchase a Family Pass before camp starts and only pay $850 for the year. We want you to get the most out of camp each year, start considering a Family Pass!