General Camp Instructions
1. Off limit areas are off limits. Please inform your campers of these areas. We have these designated because other groups have abused these areas.

 2. Lifeguards are required for the pool. If you provide the lifeguards, they must have a current certification with them. Shiloh also has a lifeguard on staff who is available for $25 an hour. 

3. Pets are not allowed at Shiloh.

4. Phone use. The phone in the Dining Hall is for your use. However, it is the same line that we use for business, because of this, we ask that you limit your phone calls. 

5. Emergencies.  If there is an emergency, the closest hospital is about 45 minutes away. Please seek some Shiloh Staff for our assistance. Some of us have advanced first aid training and we also know the roads better for driving. It will take an ambulance about an hour to arrive. 

6. Campers are to be supervised at all times. Under aged campers must be kept under around the clock adult supervision.  

7. Please Respect the Camp. Please follow our rules and don’t abuse the camp. Don’t change our facilities without permission from a Shiloh Staff member.  

What Shiloh Bible Camp Provides 
When you rent our facilities, there are several products we provide. We have dispensers that require particular items and it only makes sense that we provide these items. Any items other than these please plan on bringing with you.  
1. Toilet paper
2. Paper towels for bathrooms and hand-washing station (not kitchen paper towels) 
3. Liners for the trash cans
4. Cleaning supplies 

Internet Use
Shiloh is a remote camp. As such we do not have unlimited internet usage. Therefore, we do not provide the internet for public usage. We do not broadcast a Wi-Fi signal and there is no cell coverage.  

 Chapel use policies
Chair use The Chapel chairs are only for Chapel use. Please do not remove them. They can be set-up in any formation you like.  We have a little over 100 chairs and they will all fit in the Chapel without a problem. We do have other chairs if you need them for some other area, please let us know. We are always eager to help.

Audio/ Video Use

We have : 

  • 4 microphones available.

  • 2 Direct Input boxes

  • A mounted projector connected to a computer that uses Power Point, without internet

  • We have powered speakers but no monitors Stage use and set-up Our stage is 12ft x 8ft. It is modular in design and is capable of expanding. This expansion will need to be performed by you. You will be given directions for safety and design. We will try to have the number of microphones requested set-up when you arrive.

Game room/ Craft room use policies 
Craft room Supplies  Craft room supplies located in the cabinets are not for your use. Please bring your own supplies. Please insure your campers do not use the supplies.  Game room supplies  Game room supplies, such as balls and ping-pong paddles, will need to be checked-out of The Store. These supplies have to be returned by the person that checks them out.   

Campfire instructions
Firewood will be provided. Occasionally our country is under a fire ban, which means we cannot burn a fire. This is beyond our control and not our call to make. 

Gym use policies
The gym is available for you to use. Our gym has a lower ceiling than most gyms. This means are lights are lower so we do not allow balls to be kicked. Please plan games with this in mind. We do have some foam, nerf type volleyballs for volleyball games. These are more expensive and harder to find than regular volleyballs, so they are available only at the request of a leader. Also, balls commonly get stuck in the ceiling. We have no way to retrieve them on campus so please encourage campers to follow Shiloh’s rules. 

Water use and restrictions
Our water is on a well. Typically, we have plenty of water for showers and bathroom use. However, while we usually have more than enough water, we do not have an abundance of water during summer late summer and early fall months. Water conservation is an everyday part of our lives here. Water games are not forbidden but we need to plan for them. We cannot simply leave a water hose running for a slip-n-slide, but we can fill a barrel with water from a (clean running) creek and use that for games if needed.  The water conservation also applies to showers and bathrooms. Please limit the length of showers. Please be careful not to leave water running in the bathrooms. A running sink can drain our tanks overnight.  During extreme conditions, we may request that you provide paper plates and cups to conserve water. If this is so, we will let you know when you contact us with your final count.  If we run out of water, we are required to send you home by law. We do not want this. So please help us by conserving water.  

Laundry Use
We do not have a laundry room available for normal use. But, we do wash clothes on site. So, for emergency use only, we have a washer and dryer that can be used for a fee. This is not for normal use; only for emergencies (such as a camper wetting the bed).  

Store Hours
We have a snack store available for you called, The Store. Please let us know if/when you would like it opened. This is also the place to check-out game room supplies. If The Store is not open, ping-pong supplies, pool sticks etc. will not be available. 

Pool Use
We have a pool that is open for use June 1st through September 30th. We do require you to have a certified lifeguard on duty when anyone is in the water. If you provide the lifeguards, they must have a current certification with them. Alternatively, Shiloh has a lifeguard on staff who is available for $25 an hour. We will maintain the pool. We will cover and uncover the pool as needed. We will give your lifeguard a key to the pool fence. The lifeguard is the only person that can allow people to enter the pool.